What We Have Lost
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Old Peabody Public Library

The Old Peabody Public Library, Columbia City, Demolished November 2002

Loss of Historical Structures Since 1950
Columbia City, Indiana

Compiled by Allan D. White

List shows structure (not necessarily by its historic name), reason for loss, general location. Some of those on the list are standing but in a manner that has eliminated their historicity.  Photographic documentation does not exist for many of them.

1   Methodist Parsonage (new church construction) West Jackson Street
2   Four-square Barn with Cupola (razed, parking)West Jackson Street (alley)
3   Foust Residence (razed, new residence)215 North Line Street
4   Daniel Residence (razed, parking/car dealership?)North Line Street at Jackson
5   Presbyterian Manse (razed, parking at post office)West Jackson Street
6   Goodrich Residence (razed, city parking lot adjacent to Post Office)North Chauncey Street
7   Lutheran Parsonage (razed, parking)East Jackson Street
8   Grace Lutheran Church (razed)North Main Street
9   Ireland Residence (razed, new church construction)North Main Street
10   House adjacent (razed, new church construction)North Main Street
11   Logan-Osborn Residence (new Grace Lutheran Church)North Main Street
12   Tulley/DeMoney-Grimes Funeral Home (fire, new construction)North Main Street
13   Strouse Building (fire, new commercial construction)West VanBuren Street
14   Grant Building (fire, Eagles parking)West VanBuren Street
15   Matoon Residence (razed, new church construction)West Market Street
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16   Clark Residence (razed, parking)West Jackson Street
17   St. Paul of the Cross (razed new church construction)South Line Street
18   Parish House (moved to 585 East 200 South, new church)South Line Street
19   Joseph Mullendore Residence (razed, church parking)South Line Street
20   Pioneer residence (razed, church parking)South Line Street
21   Pioneer residence (razed, church parking)West Ellsworth Street
22   Residence (all historical references removed)West Spencer Street
23   West Ward School (razed, new construction)North Walnut Street
24   Columbia City High School (razed, new construction)North Walnut Street
25   Old Band Building (razed)Jolly Street at Elm
26   McLallen school (dire/now residential development?)Hanna Street
27   Frank Greenhouses (razed, new residential development)South Line Street
28   Strong? residence (razed, adjacent to new sewage treatment plant)South Line Street
29   Baker Park Shelterhouse (razed)VanOrsdall (West VanBuren)
30   Residence (vacant, razed by church as liability)North Washington Street
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31   Residence (razed, new veterinary clinic)North Line Street at Diplomat Drive
32   Eyanson Residence (razed, new video rental outlet)North Line Street
33   Early Brick Residence (razed for day care center, did not materialize)North Line Street
34   Old Zion Lutheran Church (rebuilt all historical references removed)East Ellsworth Street
35   Heacock Residence (razed, parking lot for Linvill center)East VanBuren Street
36   Old Residence (razed, parking for Linvill Center)North Washington
37   Old Residences (razed, parking for nursing homeEast Van Buren Street
38   Old Residence (vacant, razed Builders Mart)512? East VanBuren Street
39   Old Pioneer Residence (razed, Builders Mart)516?) East VanBuren Street
40   Douglas Residence and Outbuilding (razed, new construction)North Main Street at North
41   Sparling Residence (razed, Pizza King parking)North Main Street
42   Fleck Residence (razed, Pizza King parking)North Main Street
43   Early Residence (Dave Walter new house)325 North Chauncey Street
44   Raupfer Brewery Complex (abandoned, ruins)East Ellsworth Street at Whitley
45   Williams Grocery (fire?, razed, parking and new construction)North Main Street at Jackson
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46   Columbia Theater and others (new Citizen/Star Financial)West VanBuren Street at Main
47   Citizens National Bank (razed, parking)East VanBuren Street at Main
48   Residence (all historical references removed)East Swihart Street at Whitley
49   Whitley products (fire, site of new recycling center)South Line Street south of railroad
50   Columbia City Municipal Light Plant (razed, sold to REMC)South Chauncey
51   Old Hatchery Building (razed, new Auburn Bank)South Main Street at Market
52   Early Commercial Building (abandoned, razed)South Hanna at South Whitley Street
53   Doriot Residence / Heritier MD Office (razed, municipal building)South Chauncey Street at Market
54   Old Heating Plant, Courthouse Caretaker's House (razed)West Market Street (and alley)
55   Old Ford Home (razed, construction of new Whitley County Jail)West Market Street at Main
56   Schrader Garage (rebuilt as new Bowen Center)West Market Street at Chauncey
57   Pioneer (Washburn?) residence (razed)East Market Street at Washington
58   Farris Nursing Home (razed, municipal parking)West Market Street at Line
59   Old Linvill HospitalEast VanBuren Street
60   Residence (moved to East Jefferson for addition to former
Post & Mail)
West Jackson Street
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61   Amanda Redman Residence (new residential construction)Jolly Street
62   Pioneer Residence (behind meat processing plant)South Washington Street
63   Pioneer Residence (new residential construction)Chicago Street
64   Kramer/Strouse Residence (new commercial construction)West VanBuren Street at Elm
65   Former Garage/Club 30 (fire, new Masonic Lodge and parking)Chicago Street
66   Old Commercial Building (razed, addition to bowling alleySouth Main Street
67   Old Methodist Parsonage (moved adjacent to tracks, vacant, razed) South Line Street
68   Bungalow Residence (razed, future St. Paul construction)West Ellsworth Street at Line
69   Priest Residence (razed, future St. Paul construction)South Line Street
70   Former Peabody Library Building (razed, funeral home parking)North Main Street at Jackson
71   Ricker Building, Bank One Building (new county complex)
72   Pioneer (Squires?/Wherry) Residence (new county Complex parking)
73   Jones (facade remodeled)Northwest corner Line/Market
74   Fred Nei (all historical references removed)West Market (behind 73)
75   Hattie Whitman, Taylor/Walker houses (new fire department)West Market (behind 53)
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76   Houses(s) removed for Trier's carlot
77   House (fire, replaced by manufactured house)Southeast corner Walnut/Jackson
78   Old house north of Dairy Queen (frame, stuccoed; new car parts store) North Main Street
79   Old "Barrel" restaurant (razed for new CITGO station?)exact location?
80   Old telephone building (later rooming house, razed) East VanBuren (adj. DeMoney's)
81   "Lily White" Church (later commercial frame; razed, remodeling)South Line Street
82   Early pioneer vernacular frame (parking)South Line Street
Map of downtown Columbia City

Map of what has been lost.

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People Preserving History
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