Landmark Laurel Awards

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Landmark Laurels Award


Purpose of the Landmark Laurels

  • These awards recognize and encourage the preservation of historic Whitley County Landmarks.
  • These awards demonstrate historic and architectural significant through restoration and rehabilitation, or proper maintenance and preservation of the landmarks.
  • These awards are given annually during Historic Preservation Week at the discretion of the Board of Directors of People Preserving History. Award may or may not be given in each category.
Award Categories

Landmark laurels Award may be given in the following categories.

  • Maintenance
  • restoration
  • Rehabilitation
To be eligible for an award, a structure must be at least 75 years old and the work cited must have been accomplished within the last 10 years.

Building Categories

Landmark Laurels Award may be given to Whitley County structures used for these purposes:

  • the conduct of commerce (business and industry);
  • private residences;
  • public-sector (governmental) offices.
  • religious services.
Nomination Process

Owners of historic buildings in Whitley County may apply for Landmark Laurels awards by providing the following documents:

  • Before and after photographs:  if possible, and/or a short narrative describing the work undertaken in to maintain, restore, or rehabilitate the exterior structure.
  • Historical facts:  about the building, including the date of original construction, the names of previous owners, if possible; changes made to the structure by previous owners.

  • Maintenance:  The term is understood to mean the continued use of existing materials and building elements. The suggested approach is to preserve and repair as much of the original exterior historic material as possible

  • Restoration:  This term refers to the returning of a building's exterior to an earlier condition and appearance. (Usually the building will have lost some original integrity due to deterioration or alterations over the years. The owner will have repaired and restored brick, windows or other historic elements to their original appearance.)

  • Rehabilitation:  This term refers to the total replacement of original historic materials or elements that were missing or damaged beyond restoration. The damaged or missing materials will have been replaced with like materials or substitute materials that maintain the original appearance. (window and door openings and facade materials are of particular importance.

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Landmark Laurels Award

Landmark Laurels 2000

Estlick Girvin Lefever Insurance Agency
is hereby acclaimed
for the successful restoration
of the
Thomas R. Marshall, William F. McNagny, and D.B. Clugston Law offices
in the Clugston Block at
Van Buren and Chauncey Street,
Columbia City, Indiana

People Preserving History
May 20, 2000

Landmark Laurels 2001

Whitley Crossings Neighborhood Corporation
is herby acclaimed
for its magnificent restoration
of the Historic Clugston Hotel,
its social consciousness in developing
a vibrant new community asset,
The Clugston on the Square

People Preserving History
May 2001

Landmark Laurels 2002

Whitley County Community Foundation
is hereby acclaimed
for the painstaking restoration and
rehabilitation of the 142-year-0ld
Collins-Adams house in Columbia City

In this gracious environment,
so respectful, of the past,
creative philanthropy is at home, promising a bright future for
Whitley County.

People Preserving History

Landmark Laurels 2004

Larry and Libby Reynolds
are hereby acclaimed
for preserving the historic 1940s character
of The Kent Theater,
South Whitley, Indiana.

"Now playing" . . . For more than a half-century!   The cozy theater's hometown charm beckons the movie-goer inside to scintillating cinema in a setting of modern technological comfort.

People Preserving History
April 2004

Landmark Laurels 2006

Hinen Printing

is hereby acclaimed
for the handsome rehabilitation of its circa-1905 building that stands proudly amidst more modern facades, contributing to the historic character of the Courthouse Square.

People Preserving History
April 2006

Landmark Laurels 2007

Whitley County
Historical Society

is hereby acclaimed for its painstaking and loving rehabilitation of the 1874 Italianate home of Thomas Riley Marshall, Governor of Indiana and Vice President of the United States, and for its vital role in maintaining and showcasing community historical records.

People Preserving History
April 2007

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Landmark Laurels Award

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